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Disability Code

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Civil Service Code of Practice for the Employment of People with Disabilities

The Civil Service is strongly committed to the development and implementation of improved measures to promote and support the employment of individuals with disabilities.

Through its policies it aims to ensure that such individuals are placed in jobs that are matched to their skills and abilities, and are not disadvantaged by their disability.

The Civil Service endeavours to meet the requirements of persons with disabilities so as to maximise access to employment and enable these individuals to make the fullest possible contribution to the work of their Department/Office.

A Code of practice “Code of practice for the employment of people with disability in the Civil Service” on the employment of people with a disability in the Civil Service.

Code of Practice - Disabilities

Disability Liaison Officer

All Civil Service Departments/Offices are required to have a Disability Liaison Officer (DLO) whose role is to:

  • Act as the point of contact for Civil Servants with disabilities, their managers and Personnel Units
  • Assist and support Civil Servants with disabilities, in confidence, and their line managers by providing necessary information, appropriate contacts, guidance, suggestions and advice
  • Assist in the implementation of best Human Resource practices in line with equality legislation
  • Facilitate increased awareness of disability throughout the organisation
  • Attend meetings of the Civil Service Disability Liaison officers Network

All Departments and Offices are required to appoint a DLO to assist and support staff with disabilities and their line managers by the provision of necessary information, appropriate contacts, guidance, suggestions and advice.

Public sector bodies are obliged under the Disability Act 2005

  • To promote and support the employment of people with disabilities;
  • To ensure, where practicable, that 3% of all staff employed are people with disabilities;
  • To report every year on the number and percentage of employees with disabilities.

In order that the Civil Service can meet its legal responsibility to report annually on the number and proportion of staff with a disability, every employee (including temporary and part-time employees) is required to complete and sign a confidential form to establish whether or not the employee has a disability within the meaning of the Disability Act.

These forms are to be returned to the nominated officer authorised for this purpose.

As an equal opportunities employer, the Civil Service is committed to providing reasonable accommodation to staff with disabilities who require this in order to work in this organisation.

We are also committed to addressing the health and safety needs of all employees, including employees with disabilities.

For this purpose, staff may be asked to indicate if they have any needs for reasonable accommodation related to a disability.

Staff may also be asked to indicate if they require any particular health and safety supports relating to a disability, for example assistance or arrangements in relation to evacuating a building.

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