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The European Public Administration Network (EUPAN) is an informal network of the Director General responsible for Public Administration in the Member States of the European Union, the European Commission and observer countries.

The main objective of the network is to make cooperation among European public administrations more relevant and focused, with clear deliverables and to find an effective way of selecting topics of interest for a common agenda in line with Member States and EU level priorities, while also taking into account current developments and debates.

To find out more information visit The EUPAN Website.

The informal structure of the network is steered by the Ministers responsible for Public Administration.

The EUPAN Handbook

The Thematic Paper Series, which was published during the Irish Presidency in June 2013 examines key aspects of the horizontal theme that underpins the current medium term priorities of  “Delivering a more resilient, professional and responsive Public Administration to the citzens“,  can be viewed below.

Thematic Papers June 2013

Surveys on the structure of the civil and public services of Member States of the European Union carried out during the Irish (2004), Austrian (2006) and Spanish (2010) presidencies can be viewed below:

Irish Survey 2004

Austrian Survey 2006

Spanish Survey 2010