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The Civil Service is committed to protecting dignity and respect across the organisation. The Dignity at Work Policy aims to promote respect, dignity, safety, and equality in the workplace.

Every member of staff should be aware that all forms of bullying, harassment, and sexual harassment are unacceptable and every member of staff has a duty to behave in an acceptable and respectful manner.

A key aim of the policy is to provide awareness regarding the steps which individuals may take if they believe that they have been bullied, harassed, or sexually harassed.

Another objective of this policy is to encourage the use of informal resolution methods and the use of mediation as often and as early as possible during disputes.

Complaints should only proceed to formal investigation once efforts to utilise local resolution methods or mediation have been exhausted, or are considered to be unsuitable due to the nature of the complaint.

Dignity at Work Policy

For further information regarding Mediation, or for information on other HR policies, please refer to the relevant sections of the Civil Service HR Website.