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Workforce Planning

The Workforce Planning process was introduced over the past number of years to assist in identifying, strategising for and overcoming emerging workforce challenges.

The recent period of sustained economic pressure and subsequent recovery have brought significant HR challenges for the Civil Service.

The requirement to significantly reduce workforce numbers, however, also led to the development of new ways of working, new skillsets and new outlooks.

Workforce Planning is specifically mentioned under Action 18 of the Civil Service Renewal Plan referring to the need to “Strengthen workforce planning processes and requirements to ensure a medium-term strategic view of resource management underpins these changes”.

Without adequate skillsets where and when they are required, objectives cannot be achieved. Therefore, improved planning processes improve the delivery of Governmental objectives, delivering better outcomes for citizens.

Workforce Planning aims to draw together all of the various factors – including staffing, skills, learning and development, financial resources and succession planning – to develop a cohesive plan for the medium term.

Plans should be developed in the context of Statements of Strategy and the business planning process.

The role of the Workforce Planning Unit of Civil Service HR Policy Division is to co-ordinate workforce planning across the Civil Service, and to provide support to organisations in the development of their plans.

A training programme, aimed at providing a better understanding of the key components of developing and implementing an effective workforce plan, was recently delivered to key HR managers in the Civil Service.

If you require information in relation to Workforce Planning, please email with your query.