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On this page we have listed the guidelines on the use of contracts in the civil service and some template contracts, there are also listed Circulars relevant to the recruitment process.

Protection of Employees Fixed Term Work Act 2003

Circular 0037/2007

Guidelines on Recruitment and Management

A Template Contract

Excluding Order Guidelines

Ministerial Appointments

Members of the Dáil appointed as Ministers and Ministers of State may make a number of personal appointments to support them with their enhanced workload.

The main posts to which such appointments are made are those of Special Adviser and Civilian Driver.

Instructions to HR Managers on Ministerial Appointments for the 33rd Dáil

Guidelines and template contracts:

Guidelines on the Staffing of Ministerial Offices for 33rd Dáil

Template Contract for Special Advisers – 33rd Dáil

Template Contract for Civilian Drivers – 33rd Dáil

Template Probationary Contract

Incremental Credit