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Guidelines on Probation

Probation is the process of managing performance to integrate new employees into the Department or Office. Probation is in effect an extension of the selection process.

The probationary process must be operated in an open, clear and supportive manner so as to ensure that a “full picture” of the employee’s suitability for the employment is obtained.

This will enable the employer to make the appropriate decision as to whether the person should be retained in the employment.

The Probation Guidelines provide information on how to manage employees effectively while on probation. Line managers can obtain further advice from their Personnel Units/HR sections.

Probation Guidelines

Induction Guidelines

Induction is the first step in building a two-way relationship between the organisation and the employee.

The transition to the new workplace is made easier and more effective for both the new employee and the employer if there is an effective induction process.

The Induction Guidelines are intended to help new recruits to the civil service by outlining structures and policies in place for civil servants.

Departments and Offices should supplement these guidelines with information/training which is specific to their own organisation.

For example, many Departments and Offices have developed or on line training modules on issues that are critical to their own organisation.

Civil Service Induction Manual