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The electronic eProbation system is in operation from 28 November 2016.  This means that eProbation will be available to support the management of performance on probation of new entrants and newly-promoted officers on or after that date.

The eProbation system, which is modelled on ePMDS, simplifies the probation process by allowing managers to complete all stages of the probation reporting cycle on line and for probationers to view their performance reports.

The automatically-generated reports feature pre-populated fields, drop-down menus and information on how to complete the form. eProbation will facilitate the timely completion of the performance reports at the three-monthly intervals of the probation year.

Initial engagement of managers and probationers with eProbation starts on the probationer’s date of appointment, with an automatically- generated email to both the manager and the probationer informing them that probation has commenced and that the system will automatically issue the 3, 6 and 9 month performance reports which, when completed, will be available to view on line.

The main benefits of eProbation will be

  • direct access by Local HR Units to management information reports on probation, including the up-to-date position on compliance
  • search facility to show all staff on probation, and the stage at which each officer is in the probation cycle
  • display of tasks required to be undertaken by LHR
  • reduction in the time taken up with the issuing of the 3 month report forms, eliminating the delays that can occur around this
  • improved recordkeeping as all probation actions and forms will be transmitted and stored electronically.

We have prepared video presentations on using the new system which it is hoped will be useful for managers of probationers and for your LHR staff.

These are available on the eProbation system.  In the eProbation system there are  ‘How To’ guides for Managers and Local HR Units.

Administrative support for eProbation will be provided by PeoplePoint.  To support staff, guidance will be available on the PeoplePoint Portal and will include:

  • an overview of the eProbation system.
  • the ‘How To’ guides on the completion of eProbation Report Forms.
  • links to this Department’s website for further information on the probation process.

Matters in relation to probation policy remain the responsibility of CS HR Policy Division of this Department and any queries you might have in this regard should be raised with Mary Donnellan or Ann McPartland.

Line Managers Guide to eProbation

Local HR Managers Guide to eProbation

Line Managers Video Guide to eProbation

Video Guide to eProbation