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Mediation is a voluntary confidential process that allows parties resolve their conflict in a mutually agreeable way with the help of a neutral third party, a Mediator. The Mediator does not impose a solution but rather works with all parties to create their own solution.

Mediation may avoid the need for other dispute resolution methods including formal investigation of complaints and/or legal proceedings.


Mediation Policy Revised October 2019

Organisations may request the appointment of a Mediator in circumstances where they believe Mediation may help in resolving a workplace dispute.

To request the assistance of a Mediator and/or to seek further advice/information on Mediation, please contact:

Mary Smyth
Tel: 01-8171004


  • Mediation Policy Revised October 2019

  • Mediation

    Further information on Mediation and the Civil and Public Service Mediation Service (CPSMS)