Starting Pay on Promotion

Circular 08 of 2019 – Revised arrangements applying to starting pay has been agreed at General Council between the Official and Staff Sides.

Circular 8/2019 sets out reformed arrangements applying to starting pay and to how existing civil servants are treated when promoted from confined competitions or are appointed/recruited from open competitions. These arrangements support and facilitate implementation of the commitment under Action 15 of the Civil Service Renewal Plan to “expand career and mobility opportunities for staff across geographic, organisational and sectoral boundaries”.

The commitment under Action 15 of the Renewal Plan is reflected in Section 2 of the PSSA 2018-2020 which deals with the elimination of barriers to public service mobility. In particular, paragraph 2.8.3 provides that “building on earlier work on the standardisation of terms and conditions of employment across the public service, the Parties agree to review current arrangements for starting pay on transfer and promotion in the public service with a view to simplifying and modernising the current arrangements and removing impediments to cross-sectoral mobility”.

Summary of measures included in the revised circular

  1. Existing civil servants who are appointed to a higher post will receive the same conditionality irrespective of whether they are appointed from a confined or open competition.
  2. In respect of the treatment of allowances, where an appointee has been in receipt of an allowance in the nature of pay, it is clarified that an appointee may not benefit twice from the same allowance in the calculation of starting pay.
  3. The arrangements for the treatment of appointees from the public service to an analogous post in the Civil Service which are set out in the Department’s letter of November 2015 are incorporated into the new circular.
  4. Marking time has been eliminated with effect from 1 January 2018. Existing civil servants appointed from open competition from that date will have their starting pay reviewed.
  5. The discounting of 3/4 years’ service based on age points in the Civil Service arrangements in respect of incremental credit are being removed.

Implementation Date

The implementation date agreed is 1 January 2018 and, as a consequence, some officers will be due an element of retrospection. The calculation of any retrospection due will require the NSSO to review the cases of officers that are currently marking time to identify the amount involved. The NSSO will undertake this task as quickly as possible but it may take a number of months for this to be completed.

Incremental Credit

The operative date for the removal of the of 3/4 years’ service based on age points in respect of incremental credit is also 1 January 2018. Departments are requested to review appointments made in the period from 1 January 2018 where these deductions have been made in order to identify officers entitled to retrospection.

 Frequently Asked Question   

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