PMDS 2016

Civil Service Renewal Plan

PMDS 2016: Introduction of two-point Rating System

Why is this change being introduced?

 Under Action 11 of the Civil Service Renewal Plan – strengthen the performance management process – the Civil Service Management Board decided that the current five-point PMDS rating system should be replaced with a two-point system. The new rating system has been discussed and agreed with the representatives of civil service management and the staff unions at the General Council Subcommittee on PMDS.

What is the Two-Point Rating System?

Performance will be evaluated on whether or not the jobholder has performed to a satisfactory level.

 What does it mean for PMDS?

The new ratings system aims to

  • continue the process of simplifying PMDS
  • take the focus of PMDS away from looking back at past performance and instead to looking forward towards the development of future performance
  • encourage the Jobholder and the Manager to focus on the ongoing management of performance rather than on the award of the rating
  • build and develop high performance
  • address underperformance where it occurs

What about Learning and Development?

Learning and development planning continues to be an important part of PMDS. Jobholders and Managers need to identify the learning and development actions required for effective performance in their current roles and to enable future career development.

When does this come into effect?

The new ratings system will apply for the 2016 PMDS cycle.  Ratings at 2016 End-Year Review will be awarded under the new system.

December 2015