PMDS 2013

Phase 2 Changes – for the 2013 cycle of PMDS

Following on from the changes introduced under Phase 1, further changes under Phase 2 were agreed in principle by Civil Service management and unions on 26 July 2012.  The Phase 2 changes are designed to improve the effectiveness of performance management by strengthening fairness and consistency in how performance is evaluated across the Civil Service.

The main changes are:

  •  a new Competency Framework, setting out the qualities and behaviours required for job performance
  • a  revised system of ratings – Evaluation of Performance – with improved descriptions of performance levels, including competency evaluation
  •  Ratings will be decided by Calibration review, to be introduced on a phased basis, commencing with the grades of Assistant Secretary and Principal, prior to rollout to all grades. Under Calibration, managers at the same grade who are responsible for conducting performance evaluations meet to discuss staff performance with the aim of making sure that managers apply similar standards for all staff members and eliminate bias to the greatest possible extent.
  •  Internal review of ratings up to Head of Division level will be available
  •  Independent External Review of ratings will be available
  •  A rating of ‘Fully Achieved Expectations’ will be required for the award of an increment.

The document ‘Performance Management and Development System 2013 Phase 2 Changes Overview of Revised System’ to give effect to the changes, and which includes a revised PMDS Form, has been rolled out to Departments and Offices in preparation for the start of the 2013 PMDS cycle in January.

Guidance Notes on Goal Setting and Goal Auditing have been provided.

An accessible version of the 2013 PMDS form can be accessed here, you should save this document to your own folder. Please note when using MS Word 2003 use Jaws 7 or above, or if using MS Word 2010 use Jaws 14.