PMDS 2012

Following review and evaluation by this Department, which included feedback from both Jobholders and Managers, it was found that PMDS has not been working as well as it should. A significant finding was that PMDS needs to be streamlined and simplified.

PMDS Staff Evaluation Survey Report – August 2010

The first step in this process is the introduction of a new PMDS form. A single form replaces the three separate forms which have covered each stage of the traditional PMDS ‘cycle’ up to now. This form has been agreed by the representatives of management and the staff unions on the General Council Subgroup on PMDS and follows consultation with Personnel Officers across the Civil Service.

The active management of performance is an ongoing process which happens throughout the year. It begins with the setting of performance and learning goals and is supported by regular and structured review and feedback on performance.

The aim of PMDS is to provide a tool to Managers and Jobholders which will help them to manage and improve performance. The key elements of PMDS, i.e. goal setting, competency selection, learning goals and formal reviews of performance, are all fundamental aspects of managing performance. Effective performance management requires constant and ongoing review and feedback on performance throughout the year.

The form is designed to be an aid to Managers and Jobholders in the management of performance. It should be a useful tool in helping Managers and Jobholders to:

Plan work goals

Identify learning and development needs

Provide an opportunity for constructive feedback on performance.

These Guidelines will help Managers and Jobholders to complete the PMDS form.

A Word version of the PMDS form can be found here