Legislation and Statutory Instruments


The Ethics Acts

The Ethics Acts are:


Pre-certified restatements of the Ethics Acts, by the Law Reform Commission, are available, under National Government, at: http://www.lawreform.ie/restatement/first-programme-of-restatement.333.html

Statutory Instruments

In addition to the primary legislation above, secondary legislation, i.e. statutory instruments (SIs), apply the provisions of the Ethics Acts to:

  • certain statutory offices and positions of employment and also to directorships and positions of employment in certain private bodies that are funded by the Oireachtas, in the public interest;
  • every position of employment in both the civil and public service for which the remuneration is not less than the remuneration of the principal officer (PO) grade;
  • directorships and to named positions of employment in public bodies.

The following, foundation,  statutory instruments contain regulations that set out certain general rules on the operation of the Ethics Acts:

  • S.I. No 698 of 2004 (prescribes the ‘PO threshold’ rule for designated positions in the Civil Service)
  • SI 699 of 2004 (prescribes the ‘PO threshold’ rule for designated positions in the wider public service)

These statutory instruments are supplemented by further Statutory Instruments which list the directorships and positions of employment that are currently prescribed for the purposes of the Ethics Acts in the Civil Service and in the wider public sector:

  • The current ‘Civil Service’ Statutory Instrument is:  SI 35 of 2015
  • The “Wider Public Service” is currently covered by two Statutory Instruments taken together: SI 271 of 2013 has been amended and added to by SI 36 of 2015.