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This probationary one year contract is a template for use by Departments when awarding 1 year probationary contracts to staff.

Probationary One Year Contract

Superannuation and Retirement

Further advice on the extension of contracts because of maternity leave is given in:

Extension of Probation

Circular 31 06

Guidelines for Recruitment and Management



  • Guidelines for Recruitment and Management

    Guidelines on best practice for the recruitment and management of fixed term employees

  • Extension of Probation

    Extension of Probation due to Maternity Leave and Competitions for promotion clarification of Circular 31 06

  • Probationary One Year Contract

  • Superannuation and Retirement

    A note on the completion of section 13 (Superannuation and Retirement) of the One Year Contract

  • Circular 31 06

    Implementation of the Regulations of the Maternity Protection Amendment Act 2004